You’ve Been Warned
The rantings and carryings on of one fed up American


So, I’ve never really committed to anything of this sort seriously. I usually just do what I need to do to get by; however, recently I’ve started taking more and more interest in the political shapings and foul ups of our nation and I’m shocked and appalled.

Let’s start with the Disclaimer “You’ve Been Warned” this is a political rant. Understand that my views are often times different from other people’s, which I understand. So, with that being said…..let the games begin.

At what point and time did Congress, as a body, sprout a giant vagina? I mean I understand that there are quite a few women in seats of either the House or Senate, but honestly…the majority are men. As a man I would like to respectfully request that all Senate and House members who are men to shut straight the fuck up. You don’t have a vagina, you have no idea what a woman goes through and you’ve no right to talk about what you don’t own. It’s a woman’s right to choose. It should HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THUSLY! I mean if we want to throw the Bible into this, fine, but then rape also equals marriage. That would mean that a serial rapist would have married multiple times, therefore violating another law, besides the rape, of bigomy! So, rule 1) If you don’t have a vagina shut the fuck up about what you think rape is akin to, or how the body has a defense against rape. I can’t believe you idiots got elected.

Alright, here we go. If you’re part of a political party on either side, you’re wrong.  The fact of the matter is that both sides are broken beyond repair. One side says tax people and the other says don’t tax folks. One side says gun control, the other says don’t. The truth is that with this much opposition you start to do things to spite one another as opposed to coming to a compromise which would ultimately solve all the problems. I mean lets face it, if you spend half as much time in finding a resolution that satisfies the issue as you do in undermining one another you might actually get something accomplished. So, quit bickering like children before I turn this country around and take us all home… AND NO ICE CREAM!

Now, as for taxation…nothing in this world is free, save for oxygen, and I believe it’s still free because no one has found a way to charge for it yet (unless it’s an O2 bar). Nothing in life is free, therefore you must pay for everything. However, there are budget cuts that can be made. One of the things that the current administration did, which I agreed with, was to put a pay freeze on everyone. I liked this, now let’s take it one step further. I believe that it’s very difficult for someone who makes 6 figures a year to associate with someone who makes less. I think that someone who makes 250,000 a year cannot truly grasp the struggle of someone who makes 40,000 a year.  Therefore I propose that all elected officials make no more than the average medium income. I’m okay with them getting paid this amount for life, but I cannot support paying 150k for the rest of their life. I mean you’re an elected official it’s a privilege and an honor to represent your fellow Americans. Also, look at the perks you get. I mean, this is ridiculous.

I’ve spent most of my energy for now. However, I’ve got more to go through. So, stay tuned and I’ll pundit kick the crap out of the entire system. Don’t get upset at me for my ideas…like I said, “You’ve Been Warned.”


As we were driving along this evening The Wife and I started a conversation, which I don’t remember the actual start to, concerning creationism versus evolution.  She and I are in agreement, but the thing about it I don’t get is that the Christians who are so die-hard that they sleep strapped to a cross hanging in their den right next to their autographed pictures of Reverend Jerry Falwell and their embroidered picture of Jim Baker floating over his amusement park called Six Flags over Jesus, never pay attention to the scripture that they go around thumping at everyone so that we know just how serious they are, and how much hell-fire we’ll be receiving. I’d like to let everyone know that according to the most recent poll of Lucifer and Sons Holdings, I’m up to about fourteen tons of shit, fire, and brimstone. The Bible clearly states that Cain was cast out into the Land of Nod, neighbor of Winkin’ and Blinkin’. When he came back he had a wife. Now, he may have committed a mortal sin by killing his brother, but I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who’d paint lips on a plank and call it Yasmine. What I’m getting at is that it seems that they pick up the parts they want and cast out what they don’t want. I thought that’s what the First Council of Nicaea was for. Anyways, I digress. It seems to me that small minds, and not all of the Christian faith is guilty of this and I am in no way lambasting EVERY Christian…just those who think that Homosexuality is a sin, hate people for being open-minded, find it fun to bash people who believe differently, and generally just have a broken sense of what’s true and good. They’re the Christian equivalent to Muslim Extremist, sans bombings…although, given time….

I just have no patience for small minds. For people who see things as only one shade and will not listen to reason, because the schizophrenic, supernatural, space zombie told them that they could only believe one way and that they’d need exact change for the great tollbooth in the sky, where he’s the gatekeeper (are you the key-master?).

I’ve gotten off point by ranting about fundamentalists, but as I was saying at the beginning, if God’s own words can’t convince these people, what can? Should we even try? Should we all agree and watch them spout out hate with a smug look.

2 Peter 3:8(New International Version)
But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

If  this is the case, then who can say that good took 7 “days” to create something? The Bible wasn’t literal either. I mean it made references to 40 Days and 40 nights meaning a LONG time, but not more than a year. In this case it uses “Thousand” to represent an immeasurable amount of time.

Before I go and turn this into a huge religion rant, something I’ll save for another day, I’ll bring this to a close. The basic thing that I’m getting at is that NOTHING should ever be looked at with a closed mind. Asparagus, broccoli, that new Uwe Bohl movie….well, okay Uwe Bohl movies suck no matter what, but he can’t help it he’s just a poor boy from the streets that loved video games and eating lead paint.

Just be opened minded. Don’t scoff at someone’s opinion because it’s different from yours, otherwise I’ll have to come down hard on you. You’ve been warned. (I’ll do it. I mean it.)


The thing about forming a habit is that you must cosistently and continually do something until it becomes a habit in order to create that habit. So, I’m writing this week with no profound thoughts, no deep meaning or even a rant. I’m writing purely for the sake of creating a habit of writing. This is going to take some time, but I know I can do it. I just need to buckle down and get it down. So there it is, short and sweet. Some day I’ll make posts of interesting things with long diatribes about the injustices in the world and when that day comes, well, you’ll have to remember …you’ve been warned.


Well, I believe I’ve let this thing sit here long enough. Time to either make something of it, or leave it alone. So, starting today I’ll be posting to this at least once a month, trying for once a week. I figure that’s not too bad. I’ll start updating about every Tuesday. If I can at least make that effort, maybe I can start getting people to pay attention to this thing. For now, a short post. Coming up soon, longer posts. You’ve been warned!


So, this week there was an audition being held for voice talent. Voice acting is something that I’ve toyed with from time to time, and here was an opportunity to do it, go for it, or at least try it. I wouldn’t be able to go directly, so using a great program we recorded some of my accents, and a greeting. The thing was ready to go, but it didn’t get submitted. Too much stuff in our real life got in the way and the next thing you know we missed the deadline. Can I tell you, I’m actually relieved. Not that I don’t want to succeed but the fact is that like most people I have an aversion to failure. I’m not a big fan of it. I know, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, you’ll never succeed at anything without trying and failing a few times and all the other cliche lines we get when we’re faced with this sort of thing. Honestly, I want to do something big with my life, I think everyone does, but then there’s that part of me that gets a bit scared. I think the thing here is to simply take the plunge. JUST DO IT!! I know that I’ll be a success some day, but for now I think I’m okay with just hanging out here in the audience. But, I’ll be there someday, lurking from the tabloid headlines waiting to do things that famous people can get away with…in your bushes….




Is it so hard to expect people to do the job they’re paid for? I mean seriously?

Okay, when I was a technician on the phones, I had my moments of slacking off, but all in all I did my job. I took the phone calls, I created tickets and I only took the time off the phone to do what was asked of me. Now I’m a team lead. It’s my job to make sure the sites that are my clients, the technicians, and the company as a whole runs as smoothly and works together as best as I can. The problem there is that I can’t tell the technicians to quit fucking off and do your job. That’s left to management.

So, I’ve got people who sit at their desk, sit in an auxiliary code (our phones have states that you can set that make it so you don’t get calls) and generally just goof off. The problem there is that folks are getting frustrated, tired, and fed up and I am one of them.

I’m fed up with one of my colleagues, some of the technicians, and just the general attitude of people who think they can get away with stuff because no one has said anything.

It pisses me off that I’ve got workers who bust their ass and would appreciate some time off the phone, but the people who are off the phones are getting away with murder. 

Tomorrow we’re having a team lead meeting. I’m making it my personal vendetta to make sure that the drag asses no longer drag ass. 

If you’re a drag ass that works for me….

You’ve been warned.


*ties on the high waders, you know the ones* 

Today the stimulus package that offers more jobs, tax cuts, improving our transfer and dissemination of information across the country, and ultimately help the entire country finally made it through the Senate. As the bill was being voted on the whiny bitches who think they run things started threatening all of those who voted yes with a hard time come re-election. You heard me right, threatened. So, wait, let me get this right, if you vote for the bill we’re gonna tell all your constituents about how you tried to make the country improved! We’re going to spend MILLIONS trying to make sure that you don’t get re-elected because you actually stood up and voted for the GOOD OF THE PEOPLE! How dare they. Okay, pardon my language, GIVE ME A FUCKIN’ BREAK!!!!

Listen, dude who apparently has way too much time and money, if you want to throw money around trying to buy people’s votes and ultimately end up with egg on your face, then go ahead. While you’re at it, throw me some of that money that you apparently don’t need for anything important like food, diapers, car payments, and rent. Since you’re so willing to spend it in places that don’t even matter. I mean seriously? What the hell? This is like shit we had to deal with on the playground. These are grown ass people playing little pissy games with what they think is right. All the while the people like you and I, dear reader, are struggling to make ends meet and these jackasses want to STOP the vote for something that could potentially help the entire economy.

I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Wanna know why? You must, because you’re reading. Well, dear reader, let me enlighten you. Back during the Great Depression the president at the time had to do something to get our stagnant economy going. It was a bill called “The New Deal.” In it the government fronted cash to create new jobs, help change the shortage of power and restore farmland to folks. Let’s compare.

  • Government created jobs to help ease unemployment  – Check
  • Change the shortage of power (in this day and age it’s the information superhighway) – Check
  • Restore farmland (in this day and age it’s more about restoring homes by restoring jobs) – check

So, let me get this straight. We’re doing something that’s been done before and worked, check history because I ain’t makin’ this shit up, and will work again. See that’s the thing about President Obama he’s using solid ground to build our foundation on.

Let me ask you this, I can give you 600 bucks and tax you on it, or I can help stimulate the economy by giving people jobs, spending money in places that help circulate money due to the business sectors that they’re in and ultimately make the economy thrive again due to the fact that money that has been scarce is back in circulation. At the same time I can develop new energy sources, research areas of technology that have been on hold for the past eight years and better the society as a whole because I INVESTED money in the country. Which would you rather have? Remember that candy bar isn’t quite as filling as the four course meal it took me a bit longer to make. You make your decision, but I’ll tell you this, if you end up broke again in three months… You’ve been warned.


My fellow Americans, and to the rest of you out there as well, we’ve found ourselves in a new era. These new and exciting times seem to hold the promises of a better tomorrow and a brighter future. After the eight year reign of the last administration we find ourselves facing a new president. So far, he’s been honest, humble, and forthright in keeping his promises. This makes me wonder something, if there’s at least one good man on Capitol Hill, what are the larger number doing?

Why are the worthless liars, and degenerates who feed off this nation like a deep rooted parasite still in their place? Whose fault is it if our country is left in the hands of a partisan Senate, and argumentative House of Representatives? The answer my friend lies in us. That’s right we’re to blame for not taking a harder look at the people we put in place and if they falter from what they say, it’s our duty to call them on it and see that something is done. Yes, it is our job to make sure that we’ve got the best candidate in office. I know that human nature will ultimately be corrupted by the power that they are given, but that’s why I say that for far too long We the people have been lax in our willingness to do what we need and take those who are not fit for their position to the mat. We sit back, afraid of that which we don’t understand, or too lazy to read through the fine print. I sometimes hate journalists for the job they do, but at other times I’m thankful that they’ve called to attention an article I may have missed. If it weren’t for the ability to wield our freedom of speech like a sword and shield then I fear that we’d have the news that the government wants us to hear, and even still that’s all we get. 

I am a big believer in “All men(read people) are created equal.” That being said it saddens me when I see that we act in such a manner as to shame our fellow man and even though it is evident that all people are granted certain unalienable rights, we shame them and steal from them the basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The color of a person’s skin, their religious beliefs, their sexual orientation, none of these things makes a person any more than the color of the metal makes up a car. The human spirit inside each of, as defined by the trials and tribulations from which it can triumph and carry on, are what make up a person. Do not belittle, take, or steal the rights of another person because you feel that their nature will corrupt all that you hold dear. If your ideals are easily corrupted by that of another person then the morality check should start with your own principles to begin with. What did you really value, and is the change that is being brought on really that different or even bad? If you find yourself thinking I can’t have that person in office, charge, washing my car, because of their political/religious/sexual preference than you my friend are a small minded person and should shut yourself in your house so that you can sit comfortably in the festering comfort of your own stupid ideals. I’ve got no patience for people of that nature. 

I think I’ve ranted for nearly enough. I’ll go rest my mind before I pour out on you, dear reader, my ideas on what’s wrong with our economy. I mean after all, this is only the beginning….You’ve been warned.


I’ve always loved that line. The movie, Top Gun, seems to be at the top of everyone’s favorite movies list. It has action, romance, drama, and yadda yadda…whatever. It was a good movie, but nothing I go all stupid-melty over. It did have some great lines in it, and the title to this blog entry is one of them. That being said, let’s begin.

First I’d like to say, “You’ve been warned.” I’m prone to offend people by just being me, don’t take it personally. If you do take it personally, you’ve been warned. If you’re offended by open mindedness (is that even a word?), adult content (sometimes, this ain’t porn after all), and the idea that no matter what your teacher taught you we’re ALL friggin’ special not just your macaroni art making ass, then you’ve been warned.

I’m a nice guy really. Well, most of the time…yeah, that’ll work…MOST of the time I’m a nice guy, and if you’ve read this far then I think you’ll make it through the twisted, dark, and sometimes funny, curvuture that is the random ramblings of my addled, thanks to stress, mind.

Sit back, relax and please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times, unless you like the idea of being an amputee. You’ve been warned.